Plastic Discount Cards attract new buyers. Reward loyal customers. Maximize your advertising budget.

Discounts are a proven method of boosting sales, retaining current customers and encouraging first time buyers. Custom plastic discount cards are an important marketing tool for business owners because they are easy for shoppers to carry and use, and are an effective way to advertise and attract customers. Plastic discount cards bring the added benefit of potential impulse buying and up selling since your customers will be inclined to apply their discount towards higher priced merchandise.

One of the most effective ways to deliver your discount card is to incorporate it into a full color pastic postcard, which allows your discount card to be detached for later use. The plastic postcard gives you the opportunity to attract attention with colorful graphics, additional specials and other incentives to entice your customers and prospects to take advantage of your discount offers.

Don’t miss out on the growing trend in custom plastic discount cards.

Many shoppers are accustomed to the convenience of plastic discount cards and expect merchants and business owners to offer them. Custom Card Co. provides custom plastic discount cards and postcards to a wide range of businesses, large and small, including: grocery, pet and gift stores; boutiques and specialty shops; florists and garden shops; automotive, oil changers and car washes; dentists and chiropractors; health clubs and golf courses; clothing and jewelry stores and beauty shops; restaurants and night clubs; and equipment rental stores.

Order online or call today to learn more about all the great options and features of Custom Card Co. plastic discount cards.

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