Plastic Fundraising Cards will take your fundraising to the next level. Motivate supporters and attract business sponsors.

Plastic fundraiser cards are fast becoming the preferred choice of nonprofit groups as an effective and reliable source of funding. Offering an easy to carry plastic fundraising card is a winning triple play:

  • Supporters who buy your card have further reason to shop local and benefit from the card by saving money every time they use it;
  • Participating merchants promote their businesses for free and generate good will by sponsoring your group;
  • And, best of all, you collect more money by choosing an easy and low cost approach to raising funds.

Is your school trying to raise money to keep your sports, music and other vital after school programs alive? Does your church group need to boost donations to support local community outreach? Is your nonprofit organization looking for additional resources to supplement government grants? Fundraising and discount card programs are a proven and easy-to-implement solution to all these budget challenges.

Learn how you can make a fundraising card program work for your organization.

Gathering merchants to sponsor your group with discount offers is so easy you can do it yourself. Your group members, sports team or volunteers call or visit a prospective business owner, describe the purpose and goals of your fundraiser, and explain that providing discount offers for the next year promotes their business while sponsoring your group.  Your business sponsors receive continuous positive advertising and the potential for a steady stream of new and returning customers for an entire year. Most merchants recognize the obvious benefits of sponsoring your group, so you can choose only the best offers to enhance the value of your fundraising card.

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