Plastic Key and Access Cards

Upgrade your security. Target your advertising. Project a Five Star image.

The use of plastic key cards and access cards by hotels, motels, inns and other establishments has grown exponentially due to the many advantages they offer to hospitality providers like you. Key cards:

  • Give you more reliable security than conventional keys
  • Create an opportunity to target your advertising to a large pool of travelers
  • Offer a high quality look and feel that conveys a first class image to your guests

Maximize your marketing budget by placing targeted advertising in the hands of your guests.

Key cards provide a built-in marketing opportunity for you to place targeted advertising messages in the hands of your guests throughout their stay. You can promote your onsite restaurants, gift shops, and spa services, or advertise your other hotel locations. Your average guest uses their key card 6 times per day, an action referred to as an “impression.” If your hotel has 100 rooms with a 70% occupancy rate, you have 25,550 occupied rooms per year. Six impressions per guest produce a total of 153,300 impressions per year, and each one of those impressions is an opportunity for your guest to see your targeted ads.

Choose Custom Card Co. brand cards for maximum usage and durability at an affordable price.

Custom Card Co. brand custom key cards are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, providing durability that allows continuous reuse time after time. When you choose Custom Card Co. as your plastic card printer, you receive quality, service and support at a surprisingly affordable price.

Match your current locks and entry systems with our fully compatible cards.

Our key cards are compatible with your existing locks and entry systems and can be encoded on your premises by all widely used security systems, allowing you the flexibility you need to maintain the highest level of security.

Call us at 877-915-CARD (2273) or order online to learn more about all the great options and features of Custom Card Co. key cards and access cards and to place your order.

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